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Beautiful, breathable skin.

We all want our foundation to give us the appearance of flawless skin. The Oxygenetix line goes a step further to make flawless skin your everyday reality with long-lasting, chemical-free formulas that breathe.

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Created to cut Downtime

Founded in 2009, Oxygenetix was developed as a solution for patients who wanted to cut their downtime following cosmetic procedures. Their Oxygenated Foundation line was originally used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other aesthetic professionals.

Its oxygen-enriched, protective formulas are proven to minimize scarring, discomfort and downtime following procedure

24-Hour Makeup

Beyond creating healthier skin, professional makeup artists discovered Oxygenetix’s Oxygenated Foundation could last for 24 hours, even when shooting under harsh studio lights. Oxygenated Foundation soon earned the reputation of being Hollywood’s best-kept foundation secret.

Clients who use Oxygenetix following procedures often get hooked on its soothing formulas, range of shades, SPF protection and thorough, lasting coverage. After they have healed, they continue using Oxygenetix foundation daily.

Harmony Healing clients can use Oxygenetix products and enjoy the same flawless, breathable skin benefits following treatment and every day thereafter!

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